Club Officers

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Meet The Committee

Chairman : William Moorcroft

Secretary : Janet Treanor

Treasurer : Ian Patterson

Vice-Chairman : Francis Noel Treanor

Newsletter Editor : Janet Treanor

Website Editor : Noel Treanor

Committee Members :

Henry Anderson, Gordon Clarke, Alec Corbett, W.J. Corbett, Joe Gwynne, Robert Lester, John Taylor, Noel Treanor, Eric Reain, and Janet Treanor

Directors :

Janet Treanor, Ian Patterson, Noel Treanor, Robert Lester, and Billy Moorcroft

William Moorcroft, CAVVC Chairman
William Moorcroft, Chairman
George McCullough, CAVVC Treasurer
George McCullough, Treasurer
Janet Treanor, CAVVC Secretary
Janet Treanor, Secretary